Facebook Boosting & DVDs


We are distributing “Final Days” DVDs, the cost of the DVDs is $1.00 each. In America, we mail them through the postal service and they have three different “if it fits it ships” boxes. We can fit up to 30 DVDs in the priority envelope for $8.15, we can fit up to 250 DVDs in the medium size priority box for $16.25, we can fit up to 400 in the $22.65 box, and we can mail 750 at a time for $37.00. We also have business size cards with the same captivating graphic on the front, on the back it says “to watch this video online please go to www.finaldays.video”. The cost for the cards is $0.05 each. We also have mail back cards for a free Great Controversy for $0.06. We have 501c3 status.



We are creating Facebook pages for people around the world. We make a particular Facebook page just for you and your city. If it is for Lubbock, TX, we would call it Final Days Lubbock TX, or if it was for Kenya it would be called Final Days Kenya, and we have over 100 pages such as Final Days of Hope, Final Days Now and so forth. We create the page and upload the video: “Final Days” to it, then we can make somebody from your area an administrator. By being an administrator all of the requests for more information can come to their phone or computer; there could be requests for a free Great Controversy, Bible studies, or for more information. When they want a Great Controversy, one can ask for their address and have somebody take the book to them. If someone gives a thumbs up, or makes a positive comment, a link such as Amazing Facts could be forwarded to them, or a contact phone number; moreover, as an administrator to the Facebook page, one can enter their own payment information and it's private to them; nevertheless, we can enter the payment information if someone want us to, either way. One can boost the video again and again to different sites within their area, state, nation, or to the whole world; A radius can be chosen of how many miles the video is to go out from the center. It can go out 10 miles, 25 miles, 50 miles, or so forth. It can go to 10,000 to millions of people, or however many you choose. We boost the video normally for 10 days. What we have been doing mostly is boosting the video for $100. And normally it will go to 1,500 to 2,00 thousand people a day, so approximately 15,000 to 20,000 people over a 10-day period. We know from the statistics that Facebook gives us, that between 30% to 60% of the people watch the video all the way through. But to be conservative let's just say 1/3 watch it all the way through. So, for $100, it may go to 20,000 people and you will get around 7,000 people to watch this video all the way through. That is at a cost of around $0.01 per through play.