DVD Project

Dear Friends,

We are excited about the “Final Days” DVD sharing project. In August 2020 we started working with Dustin Pestlin, President of Hope Through Prophecy, to produce a DVD that describes the Antichrist, the United States in Prophecy, and the Mark of the Beast. Dustin had already made three different stand-alone videos concerning these subjects for his YouTube channel; the task was to get these three videos edited to become one video. Despite his busy schedule, Dustin, along with others, graciously and diligently put in untold hours over a number of months to make this a reality. This new DVD video, "Final Days", is different than Dustin’s YouTube video, "End Game", in that it has a 90 second menu that is very professional and appealing. Moreover, "Final Days" also has significant cuts that eliminated some aspects found in normal YouTube videos; these edits made “Final Days” more DVD friendly. We believe that this DVD contains the most solemn truths ever entrusted to mortals to proclaim to the world. God’s final generation before Jesus comes again will be heralding His soon return, warning the world about the Mark of the Beast, and imploring them to have a relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

We are privileged to be able to offer the DVD "Final Days" to others at the cost of producing and distributing them. It is not our desire to make money on this project beyond costs. We have 501c3 status through our church and all donations will receive a tax deductible receipt. It is our hope that one would order larger amounts to help reduce labor and to get more DVDs in the field to be spread far and wide.

1000 +            $1.00 ea

500-999        $1.00 ea

100-499         $1.00 ea

50-99             $1.00 ea

25-49              $1.00 ea

10-24              $1.00 ea

1-9                   $1.00 ea

You may contact us by email at info@finaldays.video or call Wesley Willbanks at 918-616-5333 if you are interested in procuring DVDs or sharing this amazing present truth message via internet on Facebook and other platforms.

To watch the video online as well as other very interesting truth filled videos, visit our YouTube channel: Mark of the Beast Info. Also, please  subscribe and “like” the posts of the video and please like our other YouTube videos. Our Facebook page is @markofthebeastinfo. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason; your input, participation, and prayers are much appreciated.

Update as of 11.01.20: Already positive reports are coming in. We drove back with 67,000 DVDs from Minneapolis on Thursday, October 22nd, 2020. We distributed tens of thousands of DVDs to regional churches on Friday, the 23rd. On Saturday, the 24th, one group was stuffing bags to hang on doors and a married couple walked into their storefront gathering place. A DVD was playing on the TV and the couple sat down and watched it intently for an hour and a half. After watching it the couple said "we had questions about these things and now we do not. We will be back to worship with you". They came for prayer meeting the following Wednesday. Praise the Lord! Moreover, Bible study requests have come in along with requests for the book "The Great Controversy". 

Update as of 06.29.21: We have distributed around 70,000 DVDs and just received 32,000 more that are being distributed to people and churches that requested them. Moreover, we have sent out over 1,200,000 videos on Facebook and have had a tremendous response with requests for Bible studies, baptisms, for the book The Great Controversy, and, we are communicating with many people across the world that have been impacted by the message in this video.

May God bless you and your family always!

Final Days Video Project